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NHRA Mile High Nationals - Tent Permit Application


    Race team pit awnings do not require a permit. They still need to meet the requirements for fuel storage, extinguishers and cooking.
    Tents over 400 sf and Awnings (not supported by legs touching the ground) over 700 sf require a permit. Any awning over 400 sf that is support by legs will need a permit.
    Vendors selling flammable products, but not required to have a permit for a tent/awning, are required to have a fire extinguisher.
    Proof of fire retardant from the manufacturer is required for your tent or awning.
    Fee schedule by square foot: 401-1000=$75.00; 1001-5000=$100.00; Over 5000=$200.00. Include tent size. Any tent or awnings that should have a permit will be charged a higher fee on the day of the event.
    Please submit your application at least 14 days before the event.
    Payment instructions will be provided once the application is received. Permit will be emailed once payment is received.
    For questions please contact our Code Enforcement division at

  2. Site Information:

    Bandimere Speedway - 3051 S. Rooney Rd., Morrison, CO 80465

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