What is the timeline for the testing process and the overall hiring process?
The timeline for the testing process is on our Testing and Hiring Calendar. The process from accepting applications to certifiying the hiring list takes approximately 7 months. Please note, that if you do not see information on the Testing and Hiring calendar, then we are not in a testing year.

Timeframe of the testing process (that may change):
Practice Written Dates February - March Timeframe
Practice PAT Dates April Timeframe
Written Test Date May Timeframe
Physical Agility Test Dates May - June Timeframe
Oral Boards August Timeframe

In regards to the Hiring process: We are informed, by the Command Staff, around September or October of the number of firefighters that the District needs to hire, to meet the Districts needs. Once this information is released to Human Resources we begin the background process. This begins with contacting the candidates on our hiring list, by rank. The background process takes approximately 4 months and up to 6 months to process. We conduct our Academy’s usually in March. At this time, we only conduct one (1) academy a year.

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7. What is the timeline for the testing process and the overall hiring process?
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24. I have found it very difficult to be able to secure EMT courses before the date of hire.
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28. How long is your academy?
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31. Recruit / Developing Firefighter Pay Scale.
32. Do you have an official pay scale anywhere?
33. With the 48/96....do you have "Kelly" days or mandatory overtime?
34. What is your retirement co-efficient? I see that firefighters pay in 8% and the city contributes 8%...but when and with what % of your income can you actually retire?
35. In regard to the vaccination records, how or what do I need to do for that?