Home Safety

Please take a moment to make sure you are doing all you can to protect your own home and the people who live there.

Have a plan. Start with the basics:

Prepare your home:

  • Use a home safety checklist to identify and correct any fire hazards.
  • Have working smoke alarms and CO alarms in your home:  on every level and near all sleeping areas.
  • Sleep with bedroom doors closed.
  • Create a home escape plan.
  • Know two ways out of your home.
  • Establish a safe meeting place.
  • Practice your home escape plan.

Prepare for emergencies:

  • Create your own safety profile online at Smart911.com.
  • Have a File of Life completed for any family members with medical issues.
  • Register for Code Red emergency notification and check out your county’s website for emergency alert information.

Prevent fires and burns:

  • Establish a three-foot safety clearance around all hot surfaces or open flames.
  • Lock up matches and lighters – keep them out of reach from children.
  • Get rid of any flaming candles and only use battery operated candles in your home.

Additional safety information for your home:

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