Knox Box

Knox Box Installation

If you are required to install a Knox Box, download the Knox Box Form and PRINT PAGE 1 OF THE DOCUMENTS IN COLOR.

Complete sections 1, 3, 4 (Note: Colorado Sales Tax can be determined by clicking this LINK), 5 and 6.  DO NOT FILL OUT SECTION 2.

Scan and email completed, colored form to for processing. It will be reviewed, signed, and emailed back to the applicant. 

Print the signed form IN COLOR and mail via US Postal Service to Knox Company. Their mailing address is located in the lower right corner of Page 1.

**West Metro Fire does not accept faxed applications. Do not send the application directly to the Knox Company without our signature, as this will delay the process.** 

** Please note:

  • Series 3200 holds 10 keys or less
  • Series 4400 holds up to 50 keys
  • Unless otherwise approved all boxes shall be of the RECESS mount type
  • Residential boxes will not be allowed on commercial buildings.
After you have mailed your application, it will take approximately two weeks for the Knox Company to send you the box.

Once you receive the box you should:

• Install it no farther than 10 feet from the front door
• No higher than 6 feet off the ground
And it must be plainly visible.  

If you are not sure where to install the box, or have any questions concerning requirements, please contact the West Metro Fire Life Safety Division at 303-989-4307.

After the box has been installed, contact Jefferson County Communications Center Authority (JeffCom) at 303-980-7354 and tell them you are ready to put your keys in the Knox Box. They will send out West Metro Firefighters to close up the box.

Knox Box