About West Metro Fire Rescue

West Metro Fire Rescue (WMFR) is a full service, all hazard fire and rescue agency.
WMFR was created in 1995 when the community we serve voted to consolidate Lakewood Fire Protection District and Bancroft Fire Protection District.

In April of 2016, Wheat Ridge Fire merged with West Metro.

Service Area

West Metro Fire Rescue is a special district government agency, providing service to nearly 300,000 residents in several cities and towns and two Colorado counties.
Our district spans more than 108 square miles.
We serve:


We have nearly 360 full-time firefighters who work out of 17 fire stations and 60 staff members. 
Our firefighters work a 48/96 shift, which means they work two consecutive 24 hour shifts, followed by 96 hours (4 days) off. 

Billowing clouds of smoke and flames are visible during a sprinkler demonstration.
Tech Rescue crew getting ready to assist in a rescue at Red Rocks park.
Board of Directors
Our district is guided by a seven member Board of Directors, elected by our residents. 
The Board oversees policy and the district budget, ensuring that taxpayer dollars and district resources are wisely allocated to keep those we serve safe and protected.