West Metro Fire Rescue EMS

At West Metro Fire Rescue, we answer more than 32,000 calls a year. The majority of those calls are medical emergencies. That's why we require all our firefighters to be state-certified emergency medical technicians - basic (EMT-Bs), with many of them certified as more highly trained paramedics.

Our EMS crews provide 
advanced life support to the residents and visitors to our area. Our goal is to provide the fastest and most professional EMS care available in Colorado. 

Apparatus Capabilities

Each apparatus in the West Metro Fire Protection District is staffed with at least one paramedic, offering advanced life support. Whether an ambulance or fire engine arrives first, we have the equipment and training to immediately provide the highest level of care possible outside the hospital. 

Privacy Practices

HIPAA Guidelines 

Tech Rescue crew getting ready to assist in a rescue at Red Rocks park.
West Metro ambulance
Patient visiting West Metro Station 8

Special Events

West Metro Fire has the ability to provide dedicated paramedic services for community events on a contract basis.
Our special event paramedics utilize specialized equipment to provide rapid and seamless care to event patrons. The equipment gives them the ability to access a variety of areas in differing crowded situations.

Request paramedics for a special event. 

Request an Ambulance Ride-Along

Students currently in EMT or Paramedic educational programs are eligible to request a ride along on an Ambulance. 
Learn more about ride along opportunities. 


Jeremy Metz
EMS Division Chief

Amber Creasay
EMS Coordinator 

(303) 989-4307 x541
(303) 539-9568