Wildfire Safety

If you live in a wildland area, or even close to an open space- your family and property could be affected by wildfire.
West Metro has completed a comprehensive study of our district, rating the danger level in neighborhoods.
That information is available on an interactive map. Check it out here.
And, check out West Metro's comprehensive Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Simple Steps to Protect Your Property
Check out the Firewise toolkit for homeowners to see the simple action steps you can take to prepare and help reduce the risk of your home and property becoming fuel for a wildfire. And this Firewise tip sheet or West Metro information on home mitigation and emergency alerts. 

Ready, Set, Go!

The fire season is now a year-round reality in many areas, requiring firefighters and residents to be on heightened alert for the threat of wildfire throughout the year. Successfully preparing for a wildfire requires you to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and your property. Ready, Set, Go! gives you the tips and tools you need to prepare and be successful. 
Please use the Ready, Set, Go! Personal Wildfire Action Plan guide to prepare your own home for wildfire season.  This document is a great resource for homeowners to help save lives and property through mitigation and planning.

Fire Adapted Communities

More people live in places where wildfire is a risk. But communities are also get smarter at how to better adapt homes, landscapes, and other community assets to fire. Is your community fire adapted?

Get started today by using the tools available through the Fire Adapted Communities program. Visit fireadapted.org - your link to information and resources to help you, your neighbors and your entire community reduce wildfire risk.

Billowing clouds of smoke from the North Hogback Fire in October of 2015.
West Metro engine at the North Hogback Fire.