We have nearly 360 full-time firefighters who work out of 17 fire stations and nearly 60 staff members. 

Our firefighters work a 48/96 shift, which means they work two consecutive 24 hour shifts, followed by 96 hours (4 days) off. 

Our civilian employees work a traditional Monday through Friday daytime shift. 

Background check

All of our staff, civilian and firefighter, is required to pass an extensive criminal background and medical check before hiring. We also ask prospective e
mployees to provide several personal and professional references. 

West Metro offers a wide range of benefits, including medical and dental coverage, retirement, generous vacation and personal time off. 

Employment verification

Written requests can be faxed to human resources: 303-539-9567

Verbal verification, call 303-989-4307

Child in wheelchair, with help from a firefighter, holds a fire hose, spraying water.
Firefighters learning wildland firefighting