Hazardous Materials

The West Metro Fire Protection District has adopted and enforces the International Fire Code (IFC). In October 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act (SARA of 1986) which revises the Act of 1980, know as the "Superfund". Title III of SARA established new authorization for Emergency Planning and Preparedness, Community Right to Know and Toxic Chemical Release reporting.

Through the International Fire Code and this act, community emergency planning committees have been established to implement the act locally. This requires an Annual report, using the SARA guidelines and forms, to be submitted yearly.

What Do I Need To Do?

• West Metro Fire will be accepting Hazardous Material Reports either electronically or in written format.
• All businesses will need to contact the West Metro Fire Protection District for a Hazardous Materials Permit Packet.
• For information on how to obtain a Hazardous Materials Packet or additional information call Lt. Scott Prose at (303) 989-4307 ext. 539.

Who Must Comply?

Any business in the West Metro Fire Protection District which uses, handles, or stores chemicals in quantities over the International Fire Code listed permit amounts must comply. These chemicals are listed according to hazard categories; and specific quantities that require a SARA report and Hazardous Material Permit. These quantities are too numerous to mention in this brief notice.

What is a Chemical?

Chemicals appear in many disguises. Examples of chemicals include any and all, but not limited to:
• Aerosols • Lubricants • Welding Materials • Glues/Adhesives
• Inks/Paints • Cleaners/Detergents • Pesticides/Herbicides • Oil/Solvents
• Antifreeze • Caulking Material • Gasoline

Am I Exempt From a Hazardous Materials Permit?

There are some exemptions to obtaining a Hazardous Materials Permit from the West Metro Fire Protection District, based on the quantity of hazardous chemicals used and stored on the business property. If you need more information contact West Metro Fire Protection District at 303-989-4307 ext. 539.

What If I Fail to Comply?

Throughout the year, West Metro Fire Department personnel will be conducting inspections of all businesses in the West Metro Fire Protection District. If it is determined that a facility did not comply with these regulations, they may be subject to a citation from the fire department as well as from the Environmental Protection Agency. The program requires a yearly update.

In most cases these requirements will meet the reporting obligations under federal & state law, including Title III of S.A.R.A. However, a business owner may have greater reporting obligations than contained in this packet. Business owners may wish to consult with legal counsel or the Jefferson County Local Emergency Planning Committee regarding these obligations.

Hazardous Materials Facilities:

Rooney Road Recycling Facility

Many household chemicals pose a serious health hazard if not properly handled, stored and disposed. It has never been easier to remove these hazards from your home. The Rooney Road Recycling Center will accept most types of household hazardous waste materials, (303) 316-6262.

Hazardous Materials Permit & Inspection

The International Fire Code (IFC) West Metro Fire Protection District Resolution requires an annual permit and technical inspection for all occupancies that store, use, or handle hazardous materials at or above specific IFC permit amounts. Further, the West Metro Fire Protection District has authorized reasonable permit fees to be charged to recover a portion of the costs of the administration, inspection and technical assistance required by this permit program. The fee is based on the total quantities and types of hazardous materials. Following is a checklist of the forms that are required to complete a permit application.

Forms & Permit

Once all of the forms are completed, they need to be returned to West Metro Fire Protection District along with the Permit Fee. The information will then be reviewed and a permit issued. You will be contacted to set up a time for an inspection. During the inspection the inspector may ask to see your Hazardous Materials Management Plan, location of the MSDS sheets, training records and record keeping. The inspector will verify that the floor plan matches the location of chemicals. The inspector will also determine where and what size of placards will be needed and verify compliance regarding usage and storage of chemicals. 

You can fill out the Hazardous Material Permit Packet .

Hazardous Materials Disposal

For hazardous materials disposal, please contact Rooney Road Recycling.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions please contact Lt. Scott Prose at (303) 989-4307 ext. 539.