Schedule an Inspection

While we do our best to perform 
next day construction inspections, time and date options are based on availability in Mobile Eyes. If a time slot is not available on a specific date, it will be grayed out and you will not be able to select. This may include a number of days if all time slots have been filled by other permit holders. In that case, you will need to continue to the next business date to see the availability times for inspections. Due to the high volume of requests, next day inspections are no longer guaranteed. After-Hour inspections will need to be selected from the Blackout Date and Times option, and a note regarding how the $240.00 fee will be paid is required. HOLIDAYS EXCLUDED.

The contractor is responsible to be at the job site ready for the requested inspection up to 1 hour before and 2 hours after the scheduled time.

Please note our normal inspection hours are from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The "contact person" listed as the on-site contact on the Mobile Eyes inspection request will be emailed a confirmation of the anticipated arrival time. While you're able to request a time, these are not guaranteed. The inspector routes his schedule after the 11:00 AM cut-off time and selects times based on their full schedule and all locations of inspections. You may leave a note in the comments box if a certain time is required, and the inspectors will do their best to accommodate.

Please do not call our office to find out, or to request a time frame for you inspection. Mobile Eyes will generate a no-reply response to the requester of the anticipated arrival time once the inspector self-assigns. Or if the inspection needs to be moved to another date due to availability, the inspector will send a status log notice to the contact for the permit. 


If the project requires a No Work Conformance Form, you may fill this form out and email to for review prior to the General Contractor requesting a final inspection for the project. 


For our retiring "old" inspection process - Complete the Inspection Request Form.  All requests must be received by 12:00 PM (noon), on weekdays, the day before for next day inspections. Permit numbers for these permits begin with 1 thru 13730.

For permits processed through Mobile Eyes software (as of 07/03/17)Permit numbers will be a 9-digit number. Requests for inspections need to be requested from your Contractor Portal
There is a how-to video located in your contractor portal for requesting inspections if needed.

**If an architect, engineer, or permitting firm has applied for the permit you (the general contractor) are requesting an inspection for, you'll need to send a written request that the permit contractor information be changed to your company after creating a contractor portal. You can email the request to .


To schedule a State Safety Inspection for licensing, complete this State Safety Inspection Form.  Safety Inspections are required to obtain or renew state licensing.  A fee of $120 must be paid prior to scheduling the inspection. *PLEASE NOTE NEXT DAY INSPECTIONS DO NOT APPLY TO STATE SAFETY INSPECTIONS.