COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) across the country and here in Colorado, West Metro Fire Rescue is taking steps to limit the reach of the virus in our community.

To keep our residents, our staff and our firefighters safe, we’ve implemented protocols to help prevent exposure when our crews respond to emergency calls. We may not look the same when we show up at your door, but our commitment to your health and safety has not changed. 

Watch the video below to see what our firefighters are doing to keep you safe.



  • For the time being, West Metro is suspending fire station and engine tours. We have also closed our Administrative Offices to the public. And, we made the tough decision to cancel participation in community events, and other nonessential activities, which includes outside training for our firefighters. It’s part of the "social distancing" recommendation coming from state and federal health experts.
  • We know that this outbreak will have a huge impact on our community. Our top priority is ensuring that we take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus as we continue to respond to your calls for help.

What can you do?

The best defense is pretty simple.
Wash your hands: Grab the soap and water, and wash for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
Clean and disinfect: Use cleaning sprays or wipes to clean the areas where you work or places
where the family gathers, like the kitchen or family room.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth: Don't touch your face to minimize the spread of germs. 
If you're sick- stay home: Don't carry whatever you have to work or to the nieghbor's house or the store. 
Call your doctor: If you do have flu like symptoms call your primary care physician prior to calling 911.  

washing hands with soap and water


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment
Colorado Emergency Operations: COVID-19

CO HELP is a call line for information on COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). 
If you have general questions, call 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911.

When to Call 911?

​ As the number of COVID-19 cases rise in our community, we're getting more 911 calls. Some of those calls are true emergencies, others are not.
As our fight against the virus continues, watch the video below for some guidelines on when you should call 911.